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Create a roadmap for consistent branding decisions to help your business stand out, connect with your audience, and drive lasting success.

Capture attention, communicate your identity, and leave a memorable impression on your audience through visually appealing and cohesive aesthetics.

Provide your businesses with the creative assets and content necessary to engage and connect with your target audience effectively.

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My purpose is crystal clear: to inspire transformation. I believe that every business holds a unique narrative, and my role is to illuminate that. My commitment revolves around creating an environment of inclusivity, where diversity is cherished, and authenticity reigns. I weave strategic ingenuity with creative flair, to sculpt a brand identity that resonates with your audience and mirrors your genuine values. Collaboration fuels my process, ensuring every facet of your brand embodies the essence of your journey.

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Recent Work

Our collaboration on Speaxlab was an absolute game-changer. Thanks to Anna our project is what it is today. They seamlessly blended their expertise with our vision, making us feel like true partners in the journey. Their dedication to research, creative exploration, and unwavering support elevated our project beyond our expectations. They're more than just a hire – they're a trusted consultant and partner in turning dreams into reality. Highly recommend!

- Nicole Thanou, Co-founder of Speaxlab

shallow focus photo of let's get weird neon light signage
shallow focus photo of let's get weird neon light signage
white and green labeled box
white and green labeled box
2 women sitting on black chair
2 women sitting on black chair
Eco-Conscious Branding: Unveiling the Power of Sustainable Packaging

Latest on culture + trends

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pink and yellow abstract painting
pink and yellow abstract painting

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